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Toronto Music, Arts and Nature Alliance

Toronto Music, Arts and Nature Alliance (TMANA) was created in 2012 to support the appreciation of the harmonic relationship between music, art and nature. Programming is supported by our sibling brand Promise which provides collaborative performance opportunities for live music performers and visual artists for 21 years now.

TMANA’s flagship event is the annual Promise Cherry Beach summer weekly festival series, held outdoors every Sunday from June to Labour Day. It is a ticketed, all ages event. Running 20 years now it has become a summer staple of an entire generation of Torontonians, attracting over 15,000 attendees each season.

Promise’s flagship is the three day fall season music event called Harvest Festival. With an attendance capacity of 1500 it sells out months in advance. Harvest Festival was reviewed by Ben Rayner, Music and Culture Columnist for the Toronto Star, as "the Burning Man of Canada'' and "a reason to live".

We are constantly inspired by the global diasporas that exist in Toronto, and recognize the common appreciation and enjoyment of the thrum of music that helps bring diversity to a safe, energetic and joyous place. The broad range of people that make up our community is our raison d’être and challenges us to continuously push our creativity in new directions. This feedback loop is the method by which we measure impact. We are deeply engaged in discussions directly with our community via social media about their expectations, desires and excitement.

We are also committed to reflecting our audience diversity on our stages. To that end, in our 2017 and 2018 seasons of Promise Cherry Beach, 31% of performers and visual artists booked were New Generation Artists and 30% identify as persons of colour. Additionally 20% were from outside of Toronto. It is our mandate to increase those numbers in future seasons, as well as reach full gender parity for performers (currently at 40% for 2020, up from 35% in 2019 and 30% in 2018).

Our events are immensely popular. Our social media metrics are vibrant. We thrive in a highly dynamic and competitive DIY environment. Our ethos is to talk soft and deliver big. And we are masters in rolling with the inevitable complications of any major project through adversity, challenges and the unexpected. Like with any great endeavour!

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